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Charity Fund Raising 2020

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Malaysian Buddhist Cooperative Society (MBCS) works in partnership with SuperPanda Team and The Giving Bank to provide a simple and dignified charity funeral services to these cases referred to MBCS by hospitals, welfare homes, old folks homes, and individuals or members of the community vetted by our steering committee.

Donors have the opportunity to perform a meritorious deed by performing a memorial donation with their own heart or in memory of their departed loved ones. This is a beautiful way to do something good for the community supporting the final rituals of those who are less fortunate.

To ensure the poor and destitute are given dignified send-offs in Malaysia, there is still a minimal cost to carry out a charity funeral service.

With the support of donors, we hope to bring the cost down with economies of scale in order to support the less fortunate families. The donation from RM100 or more can add up to make a difference as we work together to provide a simple, meaningful and dignified charity funeral service with a coffin/casket donation contribution to the less fortunate ones!

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