How to Register for a Free Plan goREWARD Merchant Account?

Step 1

to get started with your free customer loyalty program visit the goREWARD website and click on GET STARTED

Step 2

Select the FREE PLAN which allows you to have up to 1000 loyal members and 4 promos a month

Step 3

Fill up the necessary details as requested

Step 4

Click on I am not a robot box and submit your Merchant Application


You are now one step closer to having your own customer loyalty program

Step 5

After submitting the form to register to complete the registration process log in to your email and check for an email from goREWARD

Step 6

Click on the link on the email which says Click Here to authenticate your goREWARD account

Step 7

After clicking the link on the email you will be taken to goREWARD merchant website once you are there Login as a merchant by providing the email and the password you registered

Step 8

After log in successfully, you will see the following panel

once your merchant application is approved, you can start using this merchant portal to create your Free promotion and set up your loyalty program

Step 9

First, you need to set up your Organization profile . To do that, please go to settings > select Organization profile . You are required to add your company logo and set up your loyalty program card by uploading its image and update the parameters

Step 10

Once you setup your loyalty card, go to the Store/venue tab and add the detail about your Store Detail

Step 11

Fill in the store information form and save

Step 12

Now go to store Staff tab to create the user id for your Staff at store. They need the user id and password to login to the goREWARD Merchant Mobile App to issue/redeem point.

Step 13

fill in the form and set store user role as administrator so you can issue points or redeem points and save

Step 14

Now you just have to download goREWARD merchant app from your App Store or Play Store and log in after that you can issue or redeem points